Getting off the Porch: Rachel Held Evans, millennials, and evangelicalism

Tish just published a piece on the Well, InterVarsity’s blog for women in the academy and the professions, addressing Rachel Held Evans’s recent comments on CNN. Evans contends that millennials are leaving the evangelical church because it is ‘too political, too exclusive, old-fashioned, unconcerned with social justice . . . hostile to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people’, anti-intellectual, and anti-science. Evans’s comments are in part a response to the recent Pew Report on the Rise of the ‘nones’ among the Millennial generation, among other things. Tish argues that Evans draws the wrong inferences about millennials, indeed that if what Evans is saying were true, then the mainline churches would be flooded with millennials seeking a more progressive church. Tish doesn’t have room to say it in her article, but the Pew Report indicates  ‘political backlash’ theory of millennial attrition has some plausibility but in the end is not a sufficient explanation. In fact, what is occurring is a ‘a decline in nominalism and vague religiosity’, which will leave a smaller church in America, but a church clearer about its purpose, dogma, spirituality, and mission. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, Tish argues. Read her article here.