New Intervarsity at Vanderbilt Blog

Tish and I have received lots and lots of questions about what is going on with Vanderbilt’s non-discrimination policy and how Graduate Christian Fellowship and other religious organizations who want to retain their ability to select leaders on the basis of Christian belief are responding. The InterVarsity team at Vanderbilt has put together a new blog that answers a number of these questions and that gives our perspective on the non-discrimination policy.  Take a look especially at the History section of the blog if you want to familiarize yourself with the background of this issue, and read the FAQ to clarify common misconceptions about the policy and how we are responding. The blog will be updated regularly, so please follow or check back often for news and perspectives.

It’s also interesting to note that Vandy + Catholic has just come out with a press release stating that they ‘cannot in good conscience affirm that [they] comply with this policy’ and will not re-register as a student organization so long as it is in effect. The Washington Times, among other news sources, has reported on the press release. Tish is also quoted in the article.